Write for Church Website Ideas

Write for Church Website Ideas

Church Website Ideas is on a mission: to inspire, to challenge, to support church web workers in their efforts to build, manage, and maintain awesome church websites. The site already contains articles, lists, and freebies from me, Grace McCrorie, and Jesse Orndorff, the website’s Founder and former Owner, penned and assembled to benefit the community.

I want to make Church Website Ideas even better. I know there are a lot of very talented designers out there, who have so much knowledge to offer the community. And, I want to feature YOUR content on the blog.

I’m looking for church website GURUS to write for Church Website Ideas. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • A demonstrated passion for helping the online Church
  • Previous writing or blogging experience
  • Designers, web developers, pastors, church leaders, church staff, or church volunteers that can provide a unique point of view

In exchange, you’ll receive links and free advertisements for your products, services, or church.

So what type of articles am I looking for?

Successful guest articles are comprehensive, action-oriented posts that teach CWI readers about a particular aspect of working with church websites. Articles should be written in a simple, easy-to-read-and-follow style, as readers of CWI are mostly non-technical web workers. They are devoted caretakers of their church websites, looking for simple ideas and help to make their church websites AWESOME.

Post topics may include (but are not limited to): church web design, content creation, SEO, ministry web page design, church website architecture, image editing, sermon podcasting, web design process, productivity and time management help, website automation, web video, website security, and website analytics

Examples include:

  • Showing website trends with a showcase of sites.
  • Ideas, tips, and tricks (how to).
  • Link roundups and link lists to high quality church website and church web worker resources
  • Tutorials (video would be SWEET!).

How to Submit:

Submit your post in HTML or in a Word document with any image files (including attribution) attached separately. Please email your completed article to info [at] churchwebsiteideas [dot] com. If your article meets editorial standards and aligns with my content strategy, I will respond to let you know your article will be published. That process may take up to 2 weeks.

Guest Blogging Requirements for Church Website Ideas:

  • Well-written and high-quality original article related to church websites
  • Article that reflects the writing style/tone of the Church Website Ideas blog. Remember that readers of CWI are mostly non-technical Web workers who are looking for simple ideas and help to make their church websites AWESOME
  • Short, (1-2 sentence) author bio including a maximum of 1 anchor text link to your own website. Remember, Google frowns upon guest blogging as a link building technique. Being penalized won’t be good for either of us
  • To adhere to Google’s guidelines for guest blogging, articles that are clearly intended as a link building scheme will be rejected. So, please be thoughtful about any links you include in articles you submit for consideration
  • Be sure you include proper attribution of data, quotations, imagery, and other third-party content referenced in the article
  • Minimum length is 300 words, and articles can be as long as they need to be to be high quality

Final IMPORTANT Details:

  • Submissions must meet my quality standards in order to get published
  • Remember, please avoid being self-promotional in the body of your article. Save that for your author bio
  • I cannot allow you to republish your guest post to your own blog afterward (that would create duplicate content), but you’re more than welcome, in fact, HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to link to it and share it like crazy
  • I reserve the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as I see fit


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