What Kind of Designer Are You?

Make no mistake about it, some of the largest companies in the world are technology companies. Right now some of the most innovative, lifestyle changing products are being developed by large technology companies like Apple and Microsoft. How does this relate to your church and ministry? As a web designer my job is to make something look good. It also is to make it functional for everyday use. A lot of thought goes into how websites look and function. Today I thought it would be fun to see how you view yourself as a designer or a church web person.

The Apple Personality
Apple right now is one of the hottest brands in the industry. They are constantly developing products that users love. They focus on a group of users that are passionate and love quality materials, so when Apple releases a product, you know a lot of time and development went into the product. If your this type of designer, time is of no essence to you. Your design takes as long as you need. You focus on a very high end content management system and your design is focused and well executed.

The Microsoft Personality
Microsoft has a different approach. Microsoft has a larger reach than Apple, thus makes products and software for a large market of people. The Microsoft designer works with the largest group in mind, he focuses on what most users would want. This approach works well for large churches with a large and varying group of people who access the church website. Design and development changes can be slow, but typically are well thought out and executed.

The Google Personality
Do no evil. Makes sense that we would want to be like Google, they have always put the user first in terms of function. Google wants you to be able to find what you want, when you need to. They also roll out software that functions wonderfully, but they have always put the design second. If your a Google minded designer you have probably built your site on some type of Open Source content management system, probably Drupal. Your focus for your design is that form follows function. You let the website function perfectly, then build in minimal design enhancements only when needed.

The HP Personality
Ah, HP, the mass market printer and computer maker. There is nothing wrong with HP, they do very well as a company, and customers tend to like their products. The HP web designer would be someone that cranks out a wide variety of, average, websites. Sometimes hitting on something very worthwhile, but the focus is on quantity over quality.

Your Turn
So what type of designer/developer/church web person are you? Let me know us the comments!

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