What did you dream about?

Today I am doing something different. I wanted to share my heart, my passion, challenge you, and I want to pray for you. We all have dreams, passions, and goals in life. From my experience, most of us give up on the dream, or it changes. Marriage, kids, family, church, and our always growing responsibilities all can influence where we go and what God has called us to be. So what is your dream? What is your passion? How often have you pushed it away because of something more important? For myself, this is a constant struggle, a constant challenge, and something I want to fight for.

God has given us dreams and visions, so do we dishonor him when we don’t go after our God given dreams?

I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your young men will see visions,
your old men will dream dreams.

Acts 2:17

My wife and I, for the past two years have been battling our own desires, wants, and needs, trying to find a balance between what our culture has told us, and what God has called us to be. For two years we have chased things that are not what God has wanted for us, he has given us visions and dreams. We have been ignoring him. So it was time for a change, to radically change our life for Jesus.

For us, we have always had a heart for other countries, we have had a passion to help churches, and to tell people about Jesus. For the last two months we have been selling just about EVERYTHING we own. TV’s, curtains, dishes, couches, our car, even our bed, all gone. Why are we doing this? We are planning on moving to Mexico in January to teamĀ  up with some missionaries, to help them tell young people about Jesus.

Church Website Ideas is one of my ministries, I hope blesses your church and ministry, and we have some cool stuff planned over the next year to really take this site to the next level and continue our mission to kill ugly church websites.

So what has God put onĀ  your heart? What is something you dreamed about that you might have not thought about in years? What is the passion you put on the back burner? Post yours in the comments, I want to pray for you this week.

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