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Website Idea #4 – Make Your Site Mobile

Let’s be honest, you haven’t given any thought to making your church website mobile friendly. With smartphones everywhere in the US, as web designers we need to be aware that more and more people will access our sites from their mobile phones. Luckily, for website developers, this task isn’t that a big issue. There are CSS frameworks available in the market that allows users to make mobile versions of every web application.

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite plugins and frameworks that will make it easy for you to create a mobile version of your website. Enjoy!


This is, exceptionally, a fast software that displays word press blogs and sites into executable versions compatible with Android and Apple to name a few. WPtouch is category developed for wordpress content and has been designed according to the specifications of the Apple development.


Mofuse is one of the widely used frameworks currently available in the market. Numerous big companies are using it and loving it. It offers multiple features and variety of advantages, including content development and promotion etc.

Mippin Mobilizer

Three words – simple, easy-to-use and dependable! Mippin Mobilizer allows development of website within a few simple steps with customization. It gives user the freedom to create develop and monitor the entire site according to its needs.


Mobify is one of the vastly compatible frameworks available there is. It gives compatibility with thousands of devices. It also enables user to format the site layout according to his desire. A user can enjoy various tools to work with, thanks to Mobify.


Popular brands like Reebok and Ford have developed their mobile platforms using Wirenode framework because it provides numerous features to play with. It offers features like widgets for mobile phones and RSS mobilization to name a few, plus it only requires few minutes to make a mobile compatible version.


Wtap allows you to make instant mobile versions of your word press website. It offers huge variety of features for manipulation of interface. Photos, themes, tags and many more can easily be edited by help of this soft ware.


mobiSiteGalore is a renowned web development framework that allows complete development, editing and publishing of a mobile website. It gives complete platform to edit anything and everything.

WordPress Mobile Pack
As the name suggests, WordPress Mobile Pack is a development platform for wordpress based websites. It allows you to develop your site any way you like.


MobilePress allows user to develop their word press websites into versions compatible with phone browsers. It allows you to develop different versions depending upon the device.

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