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Website Idea #1: Personilize Your Church Website With Your Photo

Website Ideas is a new series that features quick tips on how to better improve your church website.

Personalize your church website by featuring your pastor on your homepage. By taking your pastor and putting their image on the homepage, you can create a personalized feel to your church website. With so many websites using templates and themes, you need a way to make sure your website feels personal. So put on your nicest suit, or best pair of designer jeans, let’s get your photo on your website.

First Presbyterian in Houston does a great job of incorporating their pastor’s image into their website. With a little bio, and a link to learn more about him, instant credibility is created. Now I have an image of who he is, and that he has a doctor of ministry.

The Potter’s House also features Bishop T.D. Jakes on the homepage of their site. Now, while this is a mega church, the same principal still applies, a little personality goes a long way. Bishop Jakes has a very nice welcome message to users letting everyone know that they are praying for them.

Another simple way to add personalization would be to have a simple image button for your pastor’s blog, or a letter from your pastor. Elevate Life Church does a great job at this by having a simple photo, and a link to a letter to the church. Nice, clean, and simple.

3 replies on “Website Idea #1: Personilize Your Church Website With Your Photo”

Do you think it should be a certain “type” of picture?

Some people might see a picture as a “this is the kind of people we’re looking for” message. I think it’s a great idea to have the picture; my church does.

None of us seem to very good at not judging the book by its cover.

Thanks for the post. Stay blessed…john

@ John

Honestly, I think it should reflect exactly who your pastor is. If he’s a jeans and t-shirt guy on Sunday, get a nice shot of him up there like that. If he wears a suit, same thing.

I think the photo adds a level of transparency as to who the pastor is.

God bless you Sir! am so much fascinating about this idea about website for churches am currently start working using Joomla CMS to come up with our church website! Hopefully I will find assistant form you. Have a great Time.

Remain blessed!

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