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Top Chart, Diagram, and Whiteboard Tools for Pastors

Yesterday we covered online calender and scheduling tools for pastors. Today we move on to online chart, diagram, and whiteboard tools for pastors. Each of these items are simple to use and provide a good way to jot down thoughts or ideas. I love the idea of being able to share a mind map about an event coming up, or even my next sermon series. This list is much shorter than normal, and breaks my rule of not posting things that have less than 10 items in it, but I am tired and I want to spend much needed time with my wife. So enjoy these! And don’t worry, the long lists will be back soon!

Exploratree – Online mind mapping software.
Ministry Uses:
Online way to brainstorm for your next sermon, event, or program.

Wisdomap – A simple mind mapping application.
Ministry Uses:
Good for brainstorming.

Scriblink – A simple, free online whiteboard.
Ministry Uses:
Great way to scribble down notes online, save, print, or email to others.

Gliffy – Online diagramming and charting software.
Ministry Uses:
Good way to create charts

MindMeisterShare ideas within your church team. Manage tasks and priorities, take meeting notes, and prepare projects.
Ministry Uses:
Great way to open up communication within your team. Share your online meeting notes or project ideas.

Mindomo – Free online mind mapping software.
Ministry Uses:
Great for mapping out your sermons, or projects.

Mapul – Online mind mapping that allows you to create organic looking mind maps.
Ministry Uses:
Another way to map out sermons.

WiseMapping – Free mind mapping software that allows you to publish and share your mind maps.
Ministry Uses:
Great tool for mapping out sermons.

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Sorry took me awhile to get back to you on this one. For some, Word is still the best way to generate ideas about a subject. Personally I write out a mindmap on paper, connecting ideas, crossing off bad ones, and trying to get as much stuff out of my head as possible. Everyone has a unique way to get what is in our heads on to paper. And some of these are just fun to try! Thanks.


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