Things that annoy me as the “Church Website Guy”

This is more of a rant post than anything. Being the website guy/girl at your church often you get asked to do a variety of other, non-web related, tasks. I find that most pastors assume that since you know how to update a website, you can do just about anything. I get tired of being asked to do things, simply because I own a Mac and love Jesus, so today I want to share a few of the things I have been asked to do as the “church web guy”. I hope some of you can relate to these!

“Hey, can you put a quick video together for next Sunday?”
For some reason being the Church Web Guy and knowing how to use Photoshop, means, that I know how to shoot HD videos, or rip another Bruce Almighty clip, create bumpers in After Effects, and then edit the video for your Sunday Sermon.

“We have youth group this week, can you run sound?”
Yes it’s true, simply because I can design a website, code html, know what Pandora is, and own a Mac, means that I am truly qualified to run the soundboard for your next event.

“My Outlook isn’t sending email.”
I designed your website, I update it, I create graphics for it, so yes, I can be Comcast tech support for you.

“Would you be able to take a look at my computer, I think it has a virus.”
I love spending my free time looking at YOUR computer to see what is wrong with it. Please call these guys if you need help.

“Oh! That reminds me!”
I love this one, because it always comes in a passing conversation, usually I would be chatting about, well, anything really, the latest Apple gadget, the news, but without fail right at then end I would get: “Oh! That reminds me!” Which always makes me cringe, because I know, that you need something, and it’s probably something I don’t want to do.

“Can you design our youth group website? We don’t have a budget…”
As a small business owner, I really don’t like where this conversation is headed. Understand, I feed my family by designing websites, I wouldn’t ask you perform a wedding for free, so please don’t try and guilt me into “serving” the church in this manner.

“I would like to learn more about this web stuff, can you teach me graphic design?”
Yup, I can squeeze four years of college, hundreds of hours of online training, and the years I have spent learning design theory, into a Saturday afternoon.

“You’re really good, so this shouldn’t take too long.”
I don’t even know what to say.

“I found a really good video on YouTube…”
This approach is out played. I know you just found out what Youtube was this year, but let’s try to do something, I dunno, original.

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This is a GREAT post. I use to work for a large church in the Chicagoland area and I always wanted to say, “Just because it has electricity running through it doesn’t mean that I know any more about how to use or fix it than you do.” But, luckily I kept my mouth shut. 🙂

Also…“I would like to learn more about this web stuff, can you teach me graphic design?” is the best…

Keep it up!

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