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The Standard Theme Switch

I have made a few changes to Church Website Ideas today. First is the new design, which really was pushed by our move to the Standard Theme, from Thesis. Why the switch? After watching load times for our previous design, I was not happy with the site performance. This was not really the fault of Thesis theme. It had to do more with my coding and hosting situation. So now, the blog is running on a much faster server, with a more optimized theme, so this should help with the load times people were experiencing.

Also, I moved the comment system over to Disqus, which will allow you to login via Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, or you can setup your own login. This move should help me manage the spam, and also help me keep better tabs on my responses.

So, as I work on increasing post frequency, you will keep noticing small changes to the site. I hope you enjoy it!

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