Zondervan Launches New Social Network for Churches

Last November Zondervan bought a community building platform from Mars Hill Church, named simply, The City. Zondervan has now re-launched The City out to the public. The service looks very promising, as a fully scalable service for churches of any size.

“The City enhances and deepens the community in your church that already exists. It isn’t merely online social networking; it’s literally community building software. Now your community groups and ministry service teams can continuously share life together as it unfolds. Whether it’s praying for one-another, discussing scripture, or whatever the need may be, The City is the catalyst for drawing your people together in deep, abiding community.”

I have personally seen this in place at Mars Hill and must say that the service is amazing. The only issue we can see is will your church be able to effectively move over to managing every aspect of your community online? We are hoping to have a full review of this service very soon. Stay tuned. Visit The City.