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11 Great Ways to Publish Your Sermon Online

One of the hardest battles for small to mid-size churches is how to get their sermons online.

The benefits of adding your sermons to your website are huge and in the year 2011 there are no more excuses for not uploading your content. Technology advances have helped lower the cost and you don’t need anything too fancy to record your sermons. Later, we will cover simple ways to record your sermons, but for now let’s assume you are already recording your sermons. So, how do we get them online?

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23 Podcasting Tools for Churches

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A lot of the questions I have received over the last few weeks have been in regards to podcasting. Podcasting is a great tool we have today that allows pastors and churches to share sermons with their memebers directly from the church website. Also, users can subscribe to messages which will automaticlly download to their computer. Today I would like to share with you a list of 23 different tools you can use to create, share, or listen to podcasts! As always enjoy this list, and please add your own favorite tool if yours is not listed!