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Website Idea #1: Personilize Your Church Website With Your Photo

Website Ideas is a new series that features quick tips on how to better improve your church website.

Personalize your church website by featuring your pastor on your homepage. By taking your pastor and putting their image on the homepage, you can create a personalized feel to your church website. With so many websites using templates and themes, you need a way to make sure your website feels personal. So put on your nicest suit, or best pair of designer jeans, let’s get your photo on your website.

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28 High Quality Graphics for Your Sermon Series

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2018 @ 3:14 pm

A friend of mine recently introduced me to CreativeMYK, a site dedicated to providing church designers free resources for their designs.

The idea is simple, create an account, provide some of your stuff to share and network with other designers. The site is very cool and provides a ton a resources for designers new and old.