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Making Sure Your Video Is Legal

There has been a lot of news recently about HTML5 and the use of video. Apple is endorsing a codec (a way of encoding video) called h.264, but with any new technology it is important to understand the licensing issues involved and to make sure your church is not breaking any type of licensing requirements.  After the break I will walk you h.264 and what to expect if you are posting videos to your church website.


I emailed Steve Jobs about iAd and HTML5, his response…

This morning I emailed Steve Jobs. My full time job is designing and developing flash ads and I wanted to make sure that I am preparing myself as a designer/developer for Apple’s new iAd platform. So I emailed Steve to see if the new iAds platform would allow full HTML5 animations or if we can only use HTML5 to display video based ads. Looks like we will be able to use complete HTML5 for our ads. Full email after the break.