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My Transfer From Hostgator to SiteGround (And Why I Moved)

There are about as many reasons to search for a new hosting provider as there are reasons to build a website.

When the time came for me to transfer from HostGator, I had some very definite ideas about what I needed, at a minimum, from my new service provider.

For me, it was about making the pain go away.

Poor website performance and, ultimately, poor customer service had led me to take action.

Now, I’m dancing a jig over making the switch to my new web hosting provider, SiteGround.

Here’s why.

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8 Things You Need to Setup Your Own Web Server

Original Server Photo by: Tom Raftery via Flickr

For some of us, paying a hosting service is worth the monthly cost. Being able to hand over control to someone else can remove potential headaches. But 3rd party hosting isn’t for everyone. I use a local server for testing out web apps I am developing, which cuts down on hosting costs for a dedicated server for testing, which can easily run $100+ a month!

This is the first part of an on-going series that will walk us through the process of setting up our own web server. First thing we need to do is look at what you will need in order to get your own server up and running!


Church Website Ideas Growing Pains

This week was a slow posting week for Church Website Ideas, we have been undergoing a few changes and unfortunately I didn’t have the time I wanted to write posts. So what have we been up to? We are in the process of moving all of our hosting and back-end servers into the cloud. We have had some great days in terms of traffic, but the traffic spikes caused our severs to go down. We have outgrown our hosting provider, casing more headaches fighting to keep our site up and running. Now we have moved over to Rackspace Cloud, giving our sites the freedom to scale with demand. Today I want to share a couple of thoughts about why you should consider moving your website hosting to a solution that will scale with your church as it grows.