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PSD to HTML conversion services are nothing new to the industry, but if you enjoy design more than coding or if you don’t have the time, they can be useful services to any designer. Also, most services offer to code your sites to work with a variety of content management systems, which is great if you’re not so great at PHP and want to develop a WordPress site! I have been using coding services for most of my projects over the last year for two reasons: 1) I don’t enjoy coding and 2) I don’t have the time to code all my projects anyway. I have found my share of great, good, and downright awful coding companies and coders. I have compiled a list of coding companies that I love and hate. As well as a list of questions you should ask your next potential HTML coder.
Elance is a site that connects freelancers to clients and helps facilitate the management of your next project. As a freelance designer, I spend a lot of time on this site and I get a decent amount of work from Elance. I have also hired a lot of coding companies through Elance with mixed results. Here are a couple of tips:

    • Be as detailed as possible with your job posting, you’re going to be bombarded with people wanting you to hire them, it’s important to set your expectations and needs up front.
    • Be open about your budget. Don’t waste your time and the providers time by setting a large range for your budget. If you can only afford $200, tell them that. I find a lot of providers are willing to work out a deal.
    • Read reviews, not just their scores. Make sure you look at all the review of the provider you are interviewing.
    • Make sure they will code to W3C Standards. The main benefit of looking for a web coder, is that we have standards which we can use to make sure that our code works in most browsers and is universal.

Rapid XHTML is a service I can recommend 100% as long as you are not concerned with a quick turn around time. They offer the best prices for one coded page at $50, but you will have to wait 7 days to get it. I use them for most of my initial designs that don’t need a quick turn time.

PSD to HTML offers great service and support for their designs. While prices can get expensive here, I find their code to be well done, and best of all, well commented. I use their services for WordPress and Magento coding and haven’t had a problem yet.

W3 is a great service for those of you with a higher budget. I notice that they are one of highest priced in the group, but their code is great. Highly recommended.

Markup 4U
A reasonably priced service with good turn around times. Their code has always been good and service is great.

Oh man. I really had high hopes for this group of coders based out of Costa Rica. Their pricing system can be confusing and they charge for all sorts of add-on coding (Extra for sFIR, something that rapid has yet to charge me for). Out of the two projects I have sent them, both were late, and really not coded that great. I have a feeling that they have taken on a lot of work recently, which has caused the issues I have. Nice part is that they do have a money back guarantee and their project management system is great. Was nice to be able to ask questions to the coders handling my sites.

When it comes down to it, you get what you pay for. When working with your coding team, it is important to be up front about your needs. Outline your projects as much as possible (something I forget from time to time) and plan accordingly for time lines set by the coding company. Are there any companies you use that you would recommend or avoid?

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Nicole Miller

Thank you for including us on your post.

We were in fact a little overloaded for a couple weeks, loads of work came our way and well, getting ready and well staffed (we just don’t hire random people that walk into the office) had to be done a little faster than we expected. Luckily everything is running smooth and we are back to normal :O).

Again, thank you for including us on your post and if you want to work with us again we’ll make sure we compensate you for any issues you had in those two projects. Also, if you are not entirely happy with your code, just let us know what would you like to have changed…I’m pretty sure we can nail it. :O)


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