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Online Tools for Pastors Part 1: Appointments and Calendars

This week I am going to share with you online tools that pastors should be using. Today is part one: Appointments and Calendars. I have said that pastors have to be extremely organized individuals, they have a lot of thing that they have to manage. Today, I want to share with you 11 online calender and meeting applications that will make tracking your time much easier. Some of these applications are free, but all of them have free trials. I have personally used most of these at one time or another. Enjoy!

Appointy – An online appointment tool.
Ministry Uses:
A good simple app to keep track of  your appointments.

SuperSaaS – This is online scheduling tool that allows you to accept appointments directly on your website.
Ministry Uses:
Let members of your church schedule appointments with the pastor or staff on your church website.

BookingPad – An booking system that can be integrated into any website.
Ministry Uses:
Another way to allow church members to book appointments with their pastors.

clickbook – Online booking and scheduling program, free program.
Ministry Uses:
Scheduling program for your church staff.

When is Good – Find out the best time for everyone to meet without the hassle.
Ministry Uses:
Connect with your staff and find time to meet.

Shiftboard – Online Scheduling Software for Church Scheduling
Ministry Uses:
Schedule and manage your volunteers.

Robyn – Easy online scheduling for churches.
Ministry Uses:
Keep track of your church schedule.

ScheduleOnce – Scheduling tool to get everyone who needs to meet together at one time.
Ministry Uses:
Get your church staff together for a meeting.

TimeBridge – See the availability of everyone you need to meet with.
Ministry Uses:
Allows you to see if your staff is available to meet.

Genbook – Free online appointment and scheduling tool.
Ministry Uses: Great tool for setting appointments.

Set A Meeting – Free online meeting scheduler.
Ministry Uses: Get all your staff on the same page, set-up meetings with your staff.

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