Church Website Ideas Has A New Facebook Page!

I am SO excited to announce that Church Website Ideas has a new Facebook page! YAY!

That Page has been a long time coming. I’d actually started creating it right after I acquired CWI. But, once I got started with transitioning the blog, I realized Facebook would have to wait.

This year, I was determined to get that project going. So last week I knocked it out, and now the new Facebook page is up and running and it’s happiness!

Small church got a website? This blog’s for you!

The Church Website Ideas blog is still the primary source for tips, resources, and guidance to support busy church communicators—volunteers, staff, and pastors and leaders of smaller churches—involved in the decision-making and hands-on tasks necessary for building and maintaining your church’s Web presence.

But the new Facebook page offers even more.

Why you should LIKE the New Facebook Page

The new Facebook page is being updated with content from Church Website Ideas AND from around the interwebs.

It’s another avenue you can use to stay informed, be encouraged, share ideas, and connect with fellow, like-minded small church Web workers from around the world.

So, check it out. And, be sure to Like the Page to have this great content show up in your newsfeed.

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