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Increase Your Facebook Fans

Facebook is where you church is at. Most people at your church use their Facebook account just about as much as they use email. So it is important that you build your church’s online presence on Facebook. The best way to do that is by creating a Facebook fanpage. After Facebook re-launched Facebook Pages as Facebook Public Profiles, the possibilities for increased user, follower, and fan engagement now allows churches to directly reach their audience. Here are a few simple things you can do to help increase your Facebook fans.

Status Updates
As an administrator of a page, you can directly post updates through status posts. The status updates are posted directly on the pages wall, for everyone to see. This is even more exciting, because each status update also gets pushed to every fan’s news feeds!

Rich Content
With the Facebook Pages redesign and current features, you can now post rich media content like videos, music, pictures, and anything else that you intend to use to maximize reach to your audience. Like status updates, rich content media posted also goes directly individual fan news feeds.

Mobile Updates
The opportunity to expand your church’s reach has never been as large as it is today. As with status updates, and rich media content postings, all updates through mobile also show up in a user’s feed. But this is not all. Facebook now allows users to subscribe to mobile feeds that are served directly to their mobile phones. This opens up tremendous opportunities for churches to integrate mobile marketing to target specific users based on their segmentation factors.

This is critical. Implementing a brand strategy must also include implementing creative brand designing in order to increase user engagement. Know how of factors such as relevant content, relevant design, audience trigger points, target market, and product knowledge are all meant to ready your church to listen and react to the needs of your congregation. The best way to make this happen is to have a dialogue. And react to criticisms and feedback in a timely and prompt fashion in order to maximize engagement.

Page Configuration
Put as much detail as possible on your fan page as this is the initial information that stands out. This is further expanded through the addition of a landing page. Facebook allows editing of the Static FBML application used for landing pages. Edit it so it is the place where users and fans land on when they first access your page. Then add relevant applications that would complement your page offering.

Most of your work with this technique has been taken care of by both Google and Facebook. After all, the indexing of over 430 million pages within Facebook is no joke. Use this to your advantage. Start with a simple URL for your church’s fan page and link that to your existing website. This makes it easy on search engines to crawl into and bring up your pages’ search engine rankings. Half of the push obviously comes from within Facebook itself. Link to other sites too, but make sure they are extremely relevant. Using link relevancy and fresh content in links will push your search ranks and will increase traffic to your Facebook fan page.

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Thank you. Our church is venturing into the world of Facebook more and more. Without understanding the difference, we set up a profile for our church. We’ve gained a few followers.

However, since we have created our Fan Page ( we have lagged in attracting followers.

Thanks for the input. Stay blessed…john

Great post here. I’m creating a new site for our church and have been thinking of Facebook. It has been said that I should make a group but think a Fan Page would do more and be less work. We are using WordPress for our new site and if I can find a plugin that will update the Fan Page I think you have made up my mind.

Thanks again,

I just got roped into as website designer for my church, because I have some experience in websites (yay 1999 and geocities and being a teen entering the web age). The fan page will work all you have to do is use your facebook page and then eventually create a “corporate” page when you get

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