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Link Roundup: Get Your Church Website Ready For Easter

Is your church website ready for Easter?

The Easter season is just around the corner. When people begin thinking about where they’ll attend services on Easter Sunday, their first stop will very likely be the Internet.

Your website is your church’s new “front door.” When they arrive there, will what they find make them want to come in (to your church), or will they leave and continue their search.

Using your church website to welcome and connect with your potential guests and congregation is a no-brainer, especially during Easter. The goal of this link roundup is to help you get your church website ready for everyone who arrives there during the next few weeks.

If you apply even a few of these “evergreen” tips, your church will be off to a great start extending the kind of hospitality online that converts website visitors into eager, first-time guests.

Get Your Church Website Ready For Easter

Easter Sunday is the Super Bowl of Church Attendance
by Carol McPhail on

Many churches experience a substantial increase in visitors on Easter Sunday. Maybe your church is one of them.

As the greatest day of celebration in the Christian church year, Easter draws those who want to hear the good news. “They are so hungry for hope, so eager for a message that tells them they can begin anew and that no matter how bad things may seem, there is new life ahead of them,”…

New Research Reveals Why People Visit Church Websites
by Jeremy Weber on Christianity Today

Jeremy’s post on Christianity Today offers a concise summary of the results of a one-year research study conducted and published in 2012 by Grey Matter Research. While the research and resulting data are not “holiday specific”, they still serve to inform churches of the kind of information your website visitors are looking for.

The top three pieces of information your visitors are looking for, generally, will be especially needful to them as they assess church websites to help them determine where they’ll attend Easter Sunday services. Grey Matter Research reports,

Most commonly, people visiting the website of a place of worship are checking to see the times of services (43%). Other common activities include checking what activities are offered (e.g. youth groups, studies, events – 29%), looking for a map or directions to the church’s location (28%), watching streaming video (26%), and listening to streaming audio (26%).

9 Website Tips to Get Ready for Your Easter Service
by Daniel Threlfall on ShareFaith Magazine

Building anticipation, creating eye-catching graphics, and creatively using social media are three of my favorite tips from Daniel’s post:

Videos are an excellent form of content that can provide encouragement and increase attendance at your service. Try creating a quick video about your Easter service. Even a video taken with your phone will do the trick. Interview people, discuss your service, and share some info on what it’s all about.

Your Church Website: Be Sure it is Ready for Easter
by Yvon Prehn on Effective Church Communications

This is the first of two posts Yvon wrote on the subject of getting your church website ready for Easter. There’s some overlap in the tips offered. Both articles also contain some unique content. I especially like the Easter “give-a-way” ideas she includes in this post.

9 Essentials to Prepare Your Church Website for Easter
by Yvon Prehn on Effective Church Communications

One of my favorite tips from Yvon’s post is to add a section that answers the question, “What do we do when it isn’t Easter?”

Make the service times, parking directions, child care and programs all easy to find. This is especially important for an event like Easter where you may have totally different service times than your regular ones.

My Top Church Websites This Easter
by Steve Fogg on

Since 2011, Steve’s been assembling a wonderful collection of some of his favorite Easter-themed church Web pages. If you haven’t yet designed your Easter Web graphics, these examples can offer great inspiration.

12 Great Examples of Church Website Design for Easter
by Steve Fogg on

This is the 2013 edition of Steve’s Easter-inspired church Web page collection.

Encourage Members to Invite Friends to Church With App
by Lauren Hunter on Church Tech Today

Proactive churches are already planning and engaging in outreach efforts to invite their communities in. Lauren shares her experience with ChurchInviter, an app that integrates with your church website to provide your members a simple way to send e-vites to their family and friends. Perfect for Easter outreach!


I realize you may already be overwhelmed with Easter season planning and preparation. Perhaps your church is in the throes of putting together a special program, and planning fun activities for the kids. But, in all of your planning and “house cleaning,” please be sure you include getting your website up to snuff.

At the very least, make sure people know how to get to you, and what time they should come. Directions to your church and your Easter Service time(s) must be clearly visible on the Home page of your website, or one click away.

Seen any other useful tips or articles out there? Please feel free to share your favorites in the Comments.

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