I got an iPad. Wonder what God would think?

I bought an iPad this weekend. I had to wait 2 hours in line.

Would I wait in line for two hours to get in to a church service? No.

There’s a problem with that. What do you think?

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But would u wait two hours in line next week, and the next week, and the next week, and the next week, and the next week to get the same thing or something similar. (How many people would be prepared to stand in line for 2 hours now for an ipod or iphone??)
The challenge for all churches… what u higlight….people want (may even need) mountain top experiences…not just once or twice in their life….but every day or week….
And thens a whole raft of people who say…whats this ipad thingy…y do i need it…i cant see the use for it…the cost is not worth it (I suspect also similar reactions to church).
And like Christianity the IPADS real value is when u engage with it….and use its

I feel like you’re making a false divide between “excitement for iPad” and “excitement for church.” I see an assumption that because people show more excitement for an iPad than for church, that we are all doing something wrong.

That is looking at the church as an event, rather than a mindset, holistic lifestyle, and a relationship (many of them). I don’t think it even makes sense to wish for the same sort of “excitement.”

Missing “church” should be more about missing people, missing your friends in a deep, relational, and intimate sort of way.

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