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How To Setup Your Facebook Fan Page

Most churches are just starting to get their presence built on Facebook. Getting your Facebook fan page is the first step. This short tutorial will help you get your static page setup. We will be using FBML, which is the easiest to setup and use for our simple church page.

Almost everyone has a Facebook page for one thing or the other and if you intend to promote your church then you need to develop your church brand. A static Facebook page is an application that lets a user design the page according to his desire. By simply doing few simple steps one can easily reshape his average page and make it more attractive. Here is what you can add on your page:

  • Customized Text
  • Clickable Images
  • YouTube Videos
  • External Content

First thing to do is to add STATIC FBML application onto your page. This application basically allows you to customize the layout of the page; it acts as an empty canvas for user to utilize. Simply go to the app page and add it to your page.

After adding the most important phase begins. Setup of the application is simple one can use it by simply clicking on the edit page option in the Facebook page. This option opens up the options that are needed to customize the page.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are two options available: 1) Set of boxes and 2) Tab. It is advised that a beginner should start with the tab approach one can always try new things later down the road.

Now that you have that setup, let’s move on. On the left of your page, you will see a link called edit this is where you need to enter the name, this name later becomes the title of your tab. You can add up to 10 tabs and a particular FBML tab can go up to 520 pixels at a time so keep that in mind.

This tab is your drawing board play with it. To add a clickable image you first need to have the URL of the image. One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that flicker and already uploaded Facebook pictures can cause a bit of problem. Also the maximum viewable size for a picture can be 520 pixels if it’s any bigger your page will end up with scroll bars and that is not what you want.  Use this code and replace the information with your own.


To upload the YouTube video simple replace the details from URL in this code and you are set to go.


That is a basic way to get your fan page started. Soon I will follow up with another article on more advance fan page features.

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