How I Screwed Up My Twitter Account

I have to make a confession. I hate Twitter. Hate is such a strong word, but Twitter is a blackhole, sucking the life out of me. For months I have been trying to figure out how people have time to tweet, as I hardly even have time to check my email most days!

A few months ago I shared some Twitter tools that can help your church. I finally had the time to put these tools to use, and now I am making a move to become more active and deliberate with Twitter. But the first thing I needed to do, is fix my Twitter account that I screwed up years ago.

How I Screwed Up My Twitter Account:
When I first created my Twitter account, I really had no idea how to use the service. I didn’t take any time to develop a plan, or look into what it really was. So I did what most people did, I picked a user name, imported my friends, and sent out my first tweet. Then, just like a lot of people, I left Twitter alone for months.

My brother-in-law later told me that he was connecting with some people he would never have the chance to otherwise and it was all thanks to Twitter. So I proceeded to do the worst thing I could do: I set up an auto-follow account with some third-party app.

Basically, this app would look for specific keywords that people were tweeting, and follow them. In all my brilliance, I decided that keywords like: “website design” were awesome, and in a short time, I had 1000 followers!

While 1000 followers sounds great, the quality of the people I was following was awful. I didn’t know that so many “life coaches” existed in the world, and I was following ALL of them!

A few tips on your Twitter account:

Focus on following users who share similar interests.
When I setup my Twitter account, I should have spent more time following people I care to hear from: designers, developers, pastors, and missionaries.

Don’t obsess over how many followers you have.
I wouldn’t have screwed up my Twitter account if my pride didn’t tell me I needed as many followers as possible. Take the time to invest in the followers you do have.

Don’t follow back everyone.
I know some would argue with me, but I firmly believe that you need to follow only those people that you care to hear from, and interact with. Just because someone follows you, does not mean I always want to hear what they have to say.

Share good stuff.
I think the huge value in Twitter is the amount of cool stuff people share. Be one of those people. As you find new stuff online, share it! I really could careless about what you are eating.

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I guess I take an “in between” view on follow backs.  I don’t follow everyone back, but only real people, that I understand their language, that don’t blather on about politics, or all the girls their hooking up with.

Author of “Podcasting Church” and “Tweeting Church”

I love the comment, ” I didn’t know that so many life coaches existed!”.  Also, why is everyone a SEO expert?  Great comments.  I do follow everyone back right now, but I am intentional in who I follow and follow back.  That is why a decent bio is helpful on twitter.  

Thanks Kolby. For me Twitter is such a tough nut to crack, just not sure how it can fit in. Or how I can even spend time on the service. How much time does it take to tweet each day? Or actively engage people in Twitter convos?

For me it seems like too much.

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