Dribbble Invite Winner: David Pohlmeier

Well, I suck. It took me FOREVER to pick out a winner for the Dribbble contest! Thank you to everyone who entered!

I am happy to announce that David Pohlmeier is proud new owner of a Dribbble invite!

I still have more, so find a creative way to show me how good you are and I might just draft you as well!

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Hey, my name is Steffan, I’m from Denmark, studying 2. year as a Multimedia designer, and use the most of my time in school and my spare time, with programs such as Cinema 4D, Maya and Modo where I’m modeling all kind of things, from Iphones, rooms, intro animations and a lot of other stuff.

I hope you find my projects interesting.

Steffan Lund – DonnaDesign

My name is Jeffrey Gochman. By day I am a analyst of web design & production for a telecom company called Optimum Lightpath. By night I am a freelance web designer and developer. My personal portfolio can be found here: and my other site is I love bringing ideas to life, coming up with creative ways to get my thoughts across, sharing ideas with others, receiving feedback and expressing my thoughts of others peoples designs to hopefully help them. I love being part of the design community and any way I can do that I try. I hope you find my work creative. Thanks

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