Did the iPad Change My Life?

“This will change how I work!” That is what I told myself anyway. When I saw the Apple announcement for the iPad, I started to think of ways I could use this new device in my work flow, i started to think about how this device would change everything I did. Well it didn’t, not even close. After having my iPad for months i have noticed a few things that really disappointed me, and then i also noticed a few wonderful surprises that has really made me come to love my iPad, but in a very different way.

This is not for content creation.

As much as people, myself included, wanted the iPad to be a device that allows you to create, it just isn’t that type of device, yet. I say yet, because this is a new form factor for a lot of users, and it will take some time but developers will start to develop applications that will allow major content creation. I just think that is a few years out, very much like the it took the iPhone years to develop.

In an attempt to be creative I am writing and posting this article using nothing but the iPad. Something I am glad I rarely have to do since typing long posts on this device is rather tiring on my fingers.

I wish I used it more.

Dont get me wrong, I use my iPad everyday, taking the train into the office is a great time to read, but honestly I want this device to replace my laptop. But sadly I find myself carrying both where ever I go, just in case I need to do something a little more. Mainly this is due to the fact there is no file system for the iPad so saving files has become an issue. The only saving grace in this area is that i have found the Office HQ app allows me to write docs to my Google docs account, which I am using to write this post.

I read more than ever.

I love reading, always have, but something about going to the book store always made it so I never read. I wanted to, I had intentions to go pick up that new John Maxwell book, but just never made it. This is where the iPad shines for me. Being able to, at any point login to the iBooks store or even the Kindle app, and buy whatever book I want, has made this device a pure joy! Now I am reading about three books a month and I love it!

Great on the road.

I am a movie guy, always have been, I think I picked it up from my dad, he would always buy the on sale tapes from the local movie rental store when I was a kid. So naturally, I LOVE Netflix. Now, where ever I travel I have my movies on the go with me, I can stream from any wifi network, which has been wonderful. If I don’t have wifi access I can fire up iTunes and watch my favorite downloaded movies.

So the iPad isn’t what I thought it would be. I haven’t been able to make it fit in my business work flow or in my design work all that much. But what I have found is a new love for reading. Something that to me, has been worth it. So is the iPad worth it to you yet? How have you thought about using this device in your ministry?

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