Church Website Ideas Has A New Owner/Editor

If you follow @jesseorndorff in the Twitter-sphere, you may have seen a tweet or two at the beginning of July this year, indicating that the website he founded,, was for sale.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2895″ align=”center” size=”large” autoHeight=”true”] I learned that the site was for sale when, on a whim, I visited on the last day of the auction for his listing. I’d never purchased a website before so, with a prayer to the God of heaven, I used Flippa’s Pro Website Buyers Guide to get a crash course on buying a website. Then, I took a HUGE leap of faith and contacted Jesse directly. I couldn’t be happier to have won that sale! And, I think Jesse will tell you, he couldn’t be happier that I did too! He was hoping to find someone who had a passion for what he founded this website to accomplish: help churches build better websites.

The Church + website ideas = my passion

Investing the training, experience, and abilities God’s given me in helping the Church build effective websites and Web ministries is truly my passion. Nineteen years ago, God planted a seed of vision for this work in my heart. My great appreciation for the internet and sincere desire to see the Church make effective use of it has grown and deepened as the medium has evolved.

There are many talented, insightful, skilled, and creative voices contributing ideas, instruction, advice, encouragement, and inspiration to the “church website” and “Web ministry” conversation. I pray that God will use my voice to add even more value to that conversation.

As a new blogger, I’m learning on the fly (one of my favorite activities), and working hard on all the little details and tasks that need doing to transition Church Website Ideas. If you are a fellow Web worker or blogger, you know that the wheels of progress in our line of work often turns s-l-o-w-l-y. Gratefully, though, they are a’turnin’!

In the mean time, I’d be so encouraged to hear from you!

Do you build church websites?

Do you maintain your own church’s website? Are you a volunteer or on staff? Are you an “accidental webmaster”? How has Church Website Ideas helped you in the past? What help do you need now?

Please introduce yourself with a comment below. You can learn more about me and my plans for Church Website Ideas, and I hope you’ll also connect with me on Twitter @churchwebideas and @rtiqlit.

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Hi Grace! May God bless you in this important transition!!!

I did not create the website our church has, but one of the church members did. He has entrusted the updates, etc. to me, but I do not have anything to do with the programming. Looking forward to your input in the months ahead so we can improve our site!!!

Thanks so much, Steven! I was going to wait until I had everything in place, but decided not to let too much time go by (can’t believe we’re closing in on November so soon). Working to publish my first article soon; just finishing up a few odds and ends. I’m so ready to begin adding new content to the site!

I couldn’t be happier that Grace is taking over the direction of this site. I founded the site as a tool to help the online church and after hearing Grace’s heart, I knew this would be a perfect fit.

Blessings Grace! I know I will continue to try and stay active around here. 🙂

Praying for a great season for you.

Thank you so much, Jesse! I’m excited about how God will continue to work here. I feel building upon the work you’ve begun is a tremendous responsibility. I’m very happy you both have entrusted this work to me. Thank you so much for your prayers. Seriously, I do hope you WILL remain active here.

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