Church Website Ideas Growing Pains

This week was a slow posting week for Church Website Ideas, we have been undergoing a few changes and unfortunately I didn’t have the time I wanted to write posts. So what have we been up to? We are in the process of moving all of our hosting and back-end servers into the cloud. We have had some great days in terms of traffic, but the traffic spikes caused our severs to go down. We have outgrown our hosting provider, casing more headaches fighting to keep our site up and running. Now we have moved over to Rackspace Cloud, giving our sites the freedom to scale with demand. Today I want to share a couple of thoughts about why you should consider moving your website hosting to a solution that will scale with your church as it grows.

Why Scalable?
When choosing your next hosting provider check about their ability to scale seamlessly when your website grows. Part of the problem with a shared hosted solution is that your site shares the server with other, possibly larger sites. While this might not seem like a big deal, until that larger site uses up so much traffic that it can slow your server and site down. Cloud hosting allows for your site to share resources to grow when demand is needed. Having a scalable host will help make your website load faster.

Why Rackspace?
There are a few other very good providers for a cloud solution, but for me Rackspace was an easy choice. As a freelance designer/developer I host quite a few sites, Rackspace sites allowed me to quickly build a hosting package for my clients, deploy their hosting solution and Rackspace can handle the billing. Also, Rackspace offers my clients the same support they offer me, so no more routing emails from clients to support. Speaking of support, Rackspace offers 24/7 technical support, which can help on those late nights.

So you might notice a few ups and downs over the next few days as we button up the move, but if you have a chance, I highly recommend checking our Rackspace.

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