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The Easy Way to Apply Church Website Color Schemes

Successfully picking and combining colors to produce beautiful palettes for visual design projects is both an art and science. Color pickers and palette (or color scheme) generators like COLOURLovers, ColorZilla, and EasyRGB can make easy work of the task.

A quick Google search yields pages and pages of tools.

I have quite a few bookmarked in my browser of choice. And, they do make easy work of creating balanced schemes for my graphic design work.

Using these tools to generate gorgeous church website color schemes, is also easy. But, I’ve always been challenged at effectively applying the schemes across the many interface components of a website design.

For web development, I’ve longed for a tool that enabled me to

  1. Quickly and easily generate church website color schemes,
  2. Sample the scheme, by automatically applying it to common interface components, and
  3. Customize the scheme, and how it’s applied, if I wished.

So, when I came across these two free generators, I did my happy dance!

Use Lavish Bootstrap to Sample Church Website Color Schemes

Lavish Bootstrap is an open source, Rails application that generates Bootstrap color schemes from an image.

Best of all, the app automatically applies the generated palette to the header, text, buttons, tabs, links, body background, and more. You can tweak and swap and customize both the color scheme and how it’s applied, to your heart’s content.

Once you’re satisfied, simply download the Bootstrap.css file.

While the app was created for Bootstrap development, you’re not restricted to using it with that framework.

Simply rename and edit the Bootstrap.css file to apply your church website color schemes to any development project framework.

Use Paintstrap to Sample Church Website Color Schemes

PaintStrap can generate beautiful Bootstrap themes using color schemes from COLOURlovers or Adobe Color CC (formerly Adobe Kuler).

To get started, generate a color scheme using either COLOURlovers or Adobe Color CC. Then, input either the color scheme theme ID or a permalink URL.

[note title=”TIP:” align=”right” width=”250″]Click the link labeled “Open the large preview” above the small preview pane, to see a full screen version of your color scheme applied to a web page.[/note]

Next, set the colors for interface components like text, navigation, buttons, background, and links.

Finally, generate the resulting CSS as a ZIP of all the files. Download them individually or as a theme. As with Lavish, you’re not restricted to using your color scheme with Bootstrap.

You can share your color scheme in the PaintStrap Gallery, making it available for anyone to download. You can also browse, preview, and download existing theme files from the Gallery.

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