Another social media app…

I ran across another social community building application for your church. The Table Project is a very interesting and free application that will allow you to build an online community for your church.

I just can’t help but thinking these types of applications are moving us in a bad direction. Creating a silo for our online church community to hang out in, seems counter productive to me. If you are trying to create an online community OUTSIDE of my normal workflow, I am never going to use it. Once again, the goal should be to connect your church in a way that is natural and normal for users. And right now, that platform is Facebook.

Here’s a simple idea: why not develop a Facebook app for building church community?


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AGREE 100%. Just like churches that ask for online forums that end up a year later with two real posts and hundreds of spams. Question is… is there anyone doing it RIGHT?

@tvchris, you’re right. Just like 2 or 3 years ago when ever church was installing a vbulletin board system, no one ended up using them. Almost forgot about that trend. 🙂

I do know that a few very large churches have been able to use online communities, like Mars Hill in Seattle. But they have a large demographic of college people, and their culture has been partly built around it.

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