Adobe Please Leave TypeKit Alone

Adobe is buying up Typekit

It’s official. Adobe has bought one of my favorite startups – TypeKit. TypeKit is a service that allows you to legally embed web fonts on your website. It also makes sure that the fonts will render in all browsers. It’s a wonderful service! I use TypeKit for most of my web font needs and I have a few feelings about this new purchase.

1) Please Adobe, leave the basic idea alone.
The service works amazing well. The scripts we use to embed web fonts are great and lightweight. The concept of having all these fonts available to use on any browser is wonderful. Please leave it alone.

2) Use your business size to land more font foundry deals.
Adobe, the thing you have going for you is that you have influence. Please take your money and invest in landing more, and larger font deals. I would love if TypeKit had access to even more fonts!

3) Do NOT lock TypeKit into Dreamweaver!
Listen, I hate your bloated HTML editor. A lot of other people do to. Please, please, please, do not lock TypeKit into some type of integrated Dreamweaver extension.

4) Continue to innovate!
Adobe, if you kill the creative team at TypeKit with bureaucracy and bloated processes, you will see your user base leave. This isn’t like Photoshop, TypeKit has good competitors and they will be ready to win over your customers.

Honestly, I am starting my search for a new web font provider. Over the years Adobe has proven to me that they care very little for the consumer and feel like pushing bloated products out to the market.

Unless Adobe proves to me that they won’t mess this up, I am out.

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