A Billion THANKS To My January Sponsors

I’m so grateful for my sponsors! Seriously. They make Church Website Ideas possible because of their faithful, generous support.

And, I’m really stoked that two new sponsors—Prochurch CMS and—joined me during January to support the work here at Church Website Ideas. Woohoo!

Unique, Christian-themed graphics, images, and media products and high-quality content management systems and website services, are just a few of the incredible products and services my wonderful sponsors provide.

Ministries of all sizes can benefit from their offerings.

Please check ’em out! And, be sure to tell a friend about them by sharing this post!



Big Sponsors

ProChurch CMS

With ProChurch, editing your website is as easy as editing a Word document. Their editor offers intuitive formatting controls, easy linking, tables, ability to insert images and videos, as well as HTML code. Their smart style system helps keep formatting consistent throughout all pages on the site. Even if you copy-paste external content, it is instantly formatted in your site’s current style. You don’t need any extra software or above-average computer skills. As long as you have an internet connection and a web browser, you can keep your site fresh!


The founders of believe that what’s lacking today is not pre-packaged media, but the raw materials for Christian creatives to work from. Lightstock’s library of content is that unique raw material which can be utilized in countless ways. Pick any other stock site and slog through their faith-based images… what do you get? The same stuff you’ve been seeing for a decade. Lightstock is fresh, creative, faith-focused and professional. Lightstock is also a “Double Portion” Sponsor.

“Double Portion” Sponsors provide an added blessing to Church Website Ideas, through their multiple ad sponsorships.


iMinistries is a church website CMS that makes great looking and easy to use church websites. By building your website with the iMinistries Church Website CMS, you get a budget-friendly, easy-to-update church website that’s feature-rich and gives you complete control over how it looks, what it says, and what it does.

Sponsors offers Web hosting using servers housed in top-of-the-line data centers, and protected by both physical security and server-based security, power redundancy, data redundancy, hardware DDOS protection, secure firewalls, etc. ChristianWebHoster promises that your data will be secure with them, and that it will be served to your web visitors with speed and reliability. Right now, you can get your first month of web hosting for only ONE CENT (any hosting plan). Use coupon code: ONE

Build A Church Website

Build A Church Website offers a total church website solution. You will get a website that is specifically engineered for the church. This means that their efforts go toward developing components and systems that are geared specifically for church website design.

Cheap Church Websites

Cheap Church Websites offers a feature-rich, cost-effective website solution for budget-conscious ministries. If you want a great looking website that’s simple to manage and won’t break the bank, here’s a solution worth considering.


Courtyard offers a software solution to help you put your church directly online. Courtyard provides you with a private, interactive directory website where your members can share and update their contact information. It’s the perfect solution for churches, schools, home school groups, or any group that wants to help their members connect with one another. Unlike business-oriented software, Courtyard keeps your members organized by family, just like you would in a printed church directory.

Ekklesia 360 by Monk Development

Monk Development’s Ekklesia 360 is a solution providing simple, effective online ministry. If you need a beautiful website & the tools that help you care for your people & reach more in your community, all supported by leading ministry thinkers, you’ve got to check them out! Monk Development is also a “Double Portion” Sponsor.


Partner With Church Website Ideas

Church Website Ideas aims to inspire and support church communicators and Web workers in their efforts to extend the unique, God-given mission and assignment of their local assembly online, through the thoughtful building and effective use of their church website.

Church Website Ideas specifically targets busy church communicators—volunteers, staff, pastors, and leaders of small- and medium-sized churches—involved in the decision-making and hands-on tasks necessary for building their church’s Web presence. These hardworking servants are always on the lookout for high quality, value-added tools and solutions to help them successfully reach their ministry goals online.

You can learn more about becoming a valued Sponsor of Church Website Ideas, by visiting Beacon Ads.


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