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8 Best WordPress Themes for Churches or Non-Profits

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I love WordPress. When done right, using WordPress for your church website is a great choice for a CMS. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of choices when it comes to beautiful WordPress themes for churches. I spent some time digging for quality WordPress themes churches could use, and I found eight that stood out over what is out there. All of these are paid themes and their features vary.

Have a WordPress theme you love? Share in the comments! Enjoy!

Premium WordPress Themes for Churches

Born – $45
"Born" WordPress Theme for Churches
Ray of Light – $35
"Ray of Light" WordPress Theme for Churches

Rebirth – $35
"Rebirth" WordPress Theme for Churches
Risen – $45
Wordpress Themes for Churches: Risen
Micah – $79
"Micah" WordPress Theme for Churches

Charity – $50
"Charity" WordPress Theme for Churches

Organic NonProfit – $69
"Organic NonProfit" WordPress Theme for Churches

WordPress AID – $35
"Wordpress AID" WordPress Theme for Churches

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I went for a theme that was not a traditional church/non-profit theme and it worked great for our site.

The author did a great job at making the theme very easy to use and very flexible with tons of color options, fonts, etc. It is responsive and works well on the iPhone, iPad, and Android. On the iPad it is a little zoomed in by default but that may be fixed in the next update from the author.

Overall I am super happy with the outcome of the theme. Check out our website and see what you think:

Hey there! Thanks for your comment. Since you’re using WordPress, I would highly recommend SiteGround to you. I recently moved the blog over there, and I’ll be moving my church’s website there next year (under the new budget).

In another post here on CWI, I explain in great detail why I moved to SiteGround and why I enthusiastically recommend them for any small church looking for high quality hosting for WordPress.

Check out My Transfer From Hostgator To SiteGround (And Why I Moved)

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