7 Emotions of Web Design

Taking on a new design project is exciting, I love feeling God’s inspiration, working hard, and delivering a great design project.  But with each new project I take on, I have noticed a variety of emotions I go through. So today I thought I would share with you a few of the different stages of emotion I feel throughout the design process.

  1. Excitement
    When I first get a project, I am get very excited about it. Oh the joys of of a new project! My mind starts racing about all the possibilities. Color, design, and typography ideas rush to me as I prepare to take on this new project.
  2. Creativity
    This is the best part of the new project. I sit down with my notebook and start writing down every idea that comes to mind, nothing is off limits, no bad ideas. I jot down colors, texture ideas, sketch out typography ideas, site map ideas, and just about anything else that comes to mind. This is where I try and take time to focus on God’s inspiration, feeling out which ideas he has given me.
  3. Doubt
    After getting all my ideas out and tossing out the bad ones, I start doubting my abilities. Sometimes I want to squeeze in that really cool extra feature and I am not sure if I can hit the deadlines, other times I want to push my design to a new level or try a new style that I haven’t before. This phase to tough to work through, because sometimes I feel like I need to crawl in a hole.
  4. Stress
    With doubt comes stress. Stress for my projects is usually related to the project deadline. It tends to be a unwarranted stress, since my projects tend to finish early, but some part of me wants to believe that I am going to miss that deadline.
  5. Confidence
    As I start to mock up pages, I start to feel the rhythm of the process and elements seem to flow together. My confidence starts to build up as I finish the page design, as I wrap up all the touches of design that bring the project together.
  6. Relief
    I start coding out the project and a sense of relief hits me. The project is almost done, I can see the finish line. For me, coding out a project feels very relaxing to me. I am a designer first, but the coding of a website is a very enjoyable part of the project because I know the end is insight.
  7. Enjoyment
    Boom. Project is done, delivered, and the client is happy. I couldn’t be more happy! Well, once their check has cleared, I couldn’t be more happy. I sit back and look over the project, enjoying the product that I have created.

So to my designer friends out there, what other emotions do you feel when working on your projects?

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