7 Blog Posts to Check Out

I wanted to share with you 7 links I was challenged to post. I looked back at all my previous posts to share with you my thoughts on some of the first, most popular, my favorite, and more. Check it out.

My First Post – Make Your Church Website Better Today

This was my first blog post I have ever written, it originally came from my church marketing site, but it sparked the idea that the creative people at church needed a place to go to get inspiration and tools.

My Favorite Post To Write – Why No One Visits Your Church Website

This was by far my favorite post to write on the blog. I was frustrated with some of the clients I was working with at the time and this was more of an open letter for me to vent my frustration and communicate why no one was going to their church websites.

Best Discussion We Have Had – I got an iPad. Wonder what God would think.

This was a simple post after I felt convicted about waiting in line on opening day for my new iPad. It was encouraging to hear your thoughts about waiting for church service and if it is wrong to worship an Apple product.

A Blog Post I Wish I Wrote – The Five Marks of Authentic Leadership by: Michael Hyatt

Mr. Hyatt is one of the best blog writers on leadership out there. This post by him outlines five simple marks of an Authentic Reader. Fantastic article that inspired me to be a more genuine leader myself.

Most Helpful Post – Google Business Listings

One of the biggest issues I see in church websites, is that they forget to list their site with Google Maps. This post outlines in detail what is required to get your website listed, with directions, hours, and your URL.

Post With a Title I Am Proud Of – I emailed Steve Jobs about iAd and HTML5, his response…

I was really just amazed that I got a response! It’s actually a really lame title.

A Post I Wish More People Read – Making Sure Your Video Is Legal

I put a lot of time into research and learning about the issue of video and video codecs. I think a lot of churches don’t do a good job looking into the legal issues of what type of content they are using and how they use it. Which puts a lot of churches at risk for some type of lawsuit.

So there you have it! My 7 links I wanted to share with you as I look back!

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