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6 Tools for Responsive Web Design

It seems like responsive web design is here to stay. I recently started designing and developing my new projects around the responsive web design methodology. Designing and developing with multiple screen sizes in mind, presents a whole new set of challenges for designers and developers.

I have put together a list of some great tools I have used to help make my new responsive websites work.

Bootstrap Framework

The Bootstrap framework was created by the designers and developers over at Twitter. It has become a fantastic tool for my application development. This framework includes the ability to make your websites responsive.


If you don’t like working with grid systems, then Gridless comes in handy. It is a simple and barebones HTML5 and CSS3 backbone that is designed to be responsive.

Fluid 960 Grid System

I have been using the 960 grid system for a couple of years now, and this project aims at making it easy for us to move to responsive design. If you are comfortable working with, then this system will be an easy transition.


I stopped supporting IE6 last year, and I no longer support IE7, but I know there are people out there that want IE6+ support. Respond is a lightweight script that gives us more options for running media queries.


Similar to Respond.js but Modernizr has a few more features built in. It offers a little more control of how your media queries are handled. It also has some great features for handling resources. It also is well documented and has a great community of developers.


One of my favorite new scripts! It is a jQuery script that will give you complete control over your web typography! It will allow your fonts to scale correctly and look wonderful on all devices.

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