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6 Great Apps for Your Jailbroken iOS Device

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Apple products. I especially love my iPhone 3GS. But iOS doesn’t have all the features I want, so one of the first things I did was Jailbreak my iPhone. Over time I have added some great apps that increase the functionality of my phone and also help me get things done. Let’s take a look at some great iOS apps for your Jailbroken devices.

Note: Most of these apps don’t have websites dedicated to them. You will need to search in the Cydia store for these. If you want to learn how to Jailbreak your device, see here.


I have been traveling a lot lately, and now that my wife and I are part time missionaries, we are out of the country most of the year. MyWi has saved me when no internet connection is available. MiWi turns your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot so you can connect your laptop to the internet. It is a premium app, but it will save you in a pinch.

Auto Silent

This fantastic little app will allow you to set periods of time when your phone needs to be silent. Like if you are in a meeting, or just need time to get some stuff done. A great help if you have blocks of time you need to be away from your calls/texts.


This is the way iPhone notifications should be. iPhone users still have to deal with the most annoying pop-up notifications, but with MobileNotifier it simply gives a nice slide down notification. It also adds the notification to your lock screen so when you unlock your phone you can see all the notifications you have waiting for you.

Safari Download Manager

Sometimes you need to download a file but all you have is your phone. Safari Download Manager makes it easy to download any file while browsing on your phone. Safari Download Manager saves out the file to your download directory and you can off load the file to your computer later.


With SnapTap you can take pictures using the volume buttons instead of tapping the virtual button on the iPhone screen. It is an amazing little app that makes taking photos less of a hassle with the virtual button.


If you have kids, you need this app! It prevents icons from being moved or deleted. There is nothing worse than handing your phone to your little one and they re-arrange or delete your apps!

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