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6 Free Pastor Tools For Online Goal Tracking

After our last post about setting goals for your church website, we felt it was important to highlight a few tools pastors can use to track their own goals. Whether you are wanting to write a book, write your sermons earlier in the week, or run in a marathon, here you will find 6 free tools you can use to track  your goals. If you have any that you use, please let us know!

  1. Joe’s Goals

    Simple and easy to use goal tracking software. Based on habitual tasks like how many books you’ve read, or how often you have worked out, this free app can be a simple way to keep track of your goals.
  2. Goal Setting 1

    This application creates a graph based on your goals you are tracking. Nice and simple interface makes it easy to track your goals. Only downside, is that all your goals and tracking is made public, so if you were looking for private goals, then you might want to look elsewhere.
  3. LifeTango

    LifeTango adds a unique aspect to online goal tracking: Goal Brainstorming. By answering a series of questions, LifeTango will help you determine what goals to set. Also includes standard goal tracking features: time lines, deadlines, and invite your friends to view your goals.
  4. 8Goals

    Simple goal tracking software that has all the basic features you need. Add current, future, and lifetime goals and track your progress.
  5. MyLifeChanges

    Great goal tacking software that allows you to track tasks related to your goals. Also the site has a blog with lots of great posts on goal setting.
  6. Evernote

    A personal favorite, this application will allow you to save any note or website for later viewing. But you can also use this to track your goals by compiling lists, tagging events, and tracking time lines.

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