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46 Joomla Resources for Churches

It’s all about Joomla today! Joomla is a free, open source Content Management System that is used to power a ton of websites. It has a huge community of developers behind it.  philiprabon asked for some resources in how to work with the Joomla system. These resources cover everything from  the initial setup of Joomla to free templates! If you have any questions about something please send us a tweet!

Random Resources

Joomla Juice Podcast

How Search Engines Work

Two Factors for SEO


User Manager

Update User Details

Trash Manager

Setup RSS

Making RSS Feed More Effective

Increase RSS Feed Subscriptions

Module Manager

Media Manager

Email Users

Edit Template

Backup Using phpmyadmin


Install Joomla 1.5

Install Extension from URL

Install Extension Manually

Install an Extension

Global Configuration

Enable SEF

Change Installed Folder


Menu Manager


Publishing Controls

Change Homepage

Page Titles in Joomla! 1.5

Change Frontpage Layout

Change Access Level

Assign Template

Add a Contact Form

Add a Section

Add a Content Item

Add a Category

Tips Replacing the Font Tag

How to embed a YouTube video into an article in Joomla! 1.5

Joomla Templates

Club membership site that gives users access to templates. Also has a couple of free templates.

Best of Joomla
My favorite place to find Joomla templates! Templates are submitted by users, some are free, some are not. Great resource.

Over 1,500 free Joomla templates.

Design for Joomla
Large collection of free templates.

Rocket Theme
Template club, VERY high quality.

Joomla Shack
Template marketplace.

Joomla Jet
Template club.

Joomla Art
Template club, provides some tutorials as well.

Joomla Plugins

Religion Joomla Extensions
The official directory for religious related extensions.

Joomla Extensions Directory
Official Joomla directory.

Joomla Add-Ons
Has a good amount of free components and some for sale.

Premium plug-ins for sale. Also a couple of free ones.

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Joomla!, awesome to see Template with new offering such creative templates very cool one. and for the churches its great.

Don’t forget Joomla Template Shop and Christian Templates Online. Both offer original Joomla church templates that look great: and

Planning to learn Joomla to get my church online and was doing some searching when i found your site. Hope to learn alot from the resources you have shared. Thanx

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