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39 Apps to Organize Your Church and Life

A lot of companies have really embraced the Web 2.o movement and the church can make use of a lot of the applications available online. Today, your church staff needs to be very organized, as they are dealing with a lot of information: sermon notes, video, podcasts, meetings, counseling appointments, and planning events to name a few. I have listed 39 applications that you can use to organize your church and your life!


Organize Your Things – Pastors can move a lot. Use this to help organize your next move.

BookBump – Free way to organize your library. Has some nice management tools, bibliographies, and book lists.

GuruLib – Another free home library organizer.

Booktagger – Keep track of all your books, keep lists, and you could even start your own church book club. Perfect if you want to recommend books to your congregation.

Wishlistr – Keep a list wish of things you need for church.

List Management

The Alphabetizer – Puts any list into alphabetical order.

blist – Create an online list that you can share with anyone you want to. Could be used as a tool to share your list with your receptionist, or other pastors.

do it, do it, done! – Very simple to-do list manager.

Whimber – Create a printable to-do list. I have used this to create to-do lists for my youth staff. Very handy.

Wipee List – Free task management solution.

Doomi – Simple to-do list management.

NowDoThis – Really simple list manager, only shows one item at a time. Not really sure if this one will be all that useful.

Listaculous – List management application.

Listas – List creation from Microsoft.

Midnight Inbox – A task management app.

Things – Mac OS X task manager includes iPhone sync.

iPrioritize – A task list app. – A free to do list app.

Zenbe – Free web-based email client that includes a calendar, to do list, file sharing, and more.

Do It – A Mac to do list manager.

my Lists – A Facebook app for making lists that lets you share them with other users if you choose.

Online Task List – Easy to use task list app.

Organize Information

DropBox Free online storage for your files. Great app!

Hordit – Free online file and storage. Gives you unlimited space to store your PDF’s, spreadsheets, sermons, podcasts, YouTube links, and images. Great tool!

NutshellMail – Will organize and consolidate all your email accounts plus your social network accounts like facebook and twitter! Great App!

Shoeboxed – This company will scan and enter in all your receipts in a place where you can access them at any time. Good for keeping copies of your church receipts!

LaterThis – Save websites that you want to visit later.

Pageonce – Organize all your online accounts in one place. Useful for church bank accounts, cell phone minutes, and bill due dates.

Clipperz – Password manager, keep all your passwords secure in one place.

Evernote – Organize information from your laptop, mobile, or any other platform.

fluxiom – Digital content management.

Zootool – Organize your documents, photos, and links.

Second Brain – Organize your social media, bookmarks, and media.

Event Management

Crusher – Send event invites!

Event Wax – Event planning that includes your own event website, payment processing, attendee lists, and more.

Goovite – Event invitation with out having to register!

anyvite – Create invites for your church!

PurpleTrail – Free event invites and event planning.

GoPlanit – Research and plan your church trips.

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