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23 Podcasting Tools for Churches

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A lot of the questions I have received over the last few weeks have been in regards to podcasting. Podcasting is a great tool we have today that allows pastors and churches to share sermons with their memebers directly from the church website. Also, users can subscribe to messages which will automaticlly download to their computer. Today I would like to share with you a list of 23 different tools you can use to create, share, or listen to podcasts! As always enjoy this list, and please add your own favorite tool if yours is not listed!

1.    Audioboo
A (free) iPhone App that allows you to record audio and link to a photograph and send for hosting on the Audioboo website.

2.    Gcast
It provide all the resources you need for free. Record by phone, or point and click to mix a playlist. If you have audio production software, you can produce your podcasts on your own computer, and upload them to us for free hosting and syndication.

3.    Podomatic
PodOmatic specializes in the creation of sophisticated tools and services that enable anyone to easily find, create, distribute, promote and listen to both audio and video podcasts.
4.    easypodcast
Easypodcast is a GUI tool for easy podcast publication. Easypodcast is multi-language (english and spanish) and cross-platform: tested on Windows and Linux (kde).
5.    podfeeder
podfeeder is a free service that builds up a listing of publicly hosted podcasts or other shows.
6.    Podcasting Station
Easily find topic specific Podcasts feeds by searching or navigating Podcasting Station’s directory.
7.    FeedDemon
FeedDemon is a desktop client that can retrieve and organize RSS feeds from the internet. It comes pre-configured with several news-feeds, and you can easily add your own by adding the URL for an RSS feed of your choice. FeedDemon offers an attractive and easy-to-use interface with integrated web browsing.
8.    Podcast Bunker
Before Podcast Bunker adds a podcast to their list, they first listen to the podcast for audio quality and content. They only list what they think are the very best podcasts. They add new podcasts as they are submitted for review, and as they find them.
9.   Podcast Graphics
Create custom podcast graphics in seconds. If you wish to customize your podcast buttons and are crunched for time or lacking artistic abilities, use this free online podcasting graphic tool that is capable of creating a podcast button. The button’s color and text can be customized to suit the creator.
10.    Doppler
Doppler is a podcast aggregator. With Doppler you can subscribe to RSS 2.0 feeds which contain enclosures.
11.    Podcast Icons
Pixagogo provides a collection of podcast icons from various sources.
12.    talkr
Talkr provides a service that allows you to listen to your favorite text-only news sources rather than read them. If you can point us to an RSS feed (a machine-readable version of your favorite blog or news source) they will convert that feed from text to speech.
13.    Hipcast
Audio and video podcasting service.
14.    gPodder
gPodder — simple, usable podcast consumption
Download free audio and video content (“podcasts”) from the Internet and watch it on your computer or on the go.

15.    PodBean is a Podcast Social Subscribing site, collect all your favorite podcasts in one place, check out what other people are subscribing to, share with your friends and get recommendations.

1.    Sermon Player
Sermon Player is a web-based application that effectively handles the entire process of sermon media distribution on the web. The Sermon Player has simplified the steps of Preparation, Presentation, Delivery, and Reporting.

2.    Podium
It is an easy-to-use piece of software that allows anyone to create, edit and publish podcasts all from the same simple interface.

3.    Ubercaster
Übercaster makes it easy for you to produce your podcast show in four simple steps. Each step has its own layer which bundles various functions in an easy to use yet powerfull user interface. This makes Übercaster suitable for both, new and advanced podcasters.

4.    Fonpods
Previously, podcast access was limited to listening at your computer or downloading content into special devices like iPods and MP3 players. Fonpods liberates listeners by sending podcast programming directly to their phones. Content is ready as soon as a call is made no downloads are necessary.

5.    Primetime Podcast Receiver
The Primetime Podcast Receiver will sleep silently in the background while you work, until awoken to do its job by your scheduling.

6.    Propaganda
You can produce your own professional-quality audio shows with Propaganda software. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it includes everything you need to record, assemble, and publish your own podcasts.

7.    Church Podcast in a Box
Start broadcasting your church today with the First Complete Podcast Kit designed for Churches.

8.    Replay Radio
Now you can record hundreds of radio broadcasts from all over the world, listen whenever you want on your PC, CD Player or MP3 player, and even skip over the fluff.

9.    Digital Sound Effects Library
The Digital Sound Effects Library contains a variety of sound effects. Each effect is available in three audio formats, .WMA, .WAV, and .MP3. Subscriptions to the sound effects library grant producers unlimited access to all the sound effects in the library.

10.    ePodcast Creator
“The serious tool for the part-time podcaster!  Complete integrated program”

11.    ProfCast
ProfCast is a versatile, powerful, yet very simple to use tool for recording lectures including PowerPoint and/or Keynote slides for creating enhanced podcasts. ProfCast provides a low cost solution for recording and distributing lectures, special events, and presentations as podcasts. ProfCast offers an integrated workflow that makes creating, recording, and publishing podcasts easy.

12.    FeedForAll
FeedForAll & FeedForAll Mac Software to: create RSS feeds & podcasts, edit RSS feeds & podcasts, manage and publish RSS feeds, and create iTunes compatible podcasts.

13.    Snapkast
Generate all the files required to podcast one or multiple sessions. Simple drag-and-drop publish your podcast folder to your web server and it’s ready to go.

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