21 Free Video Loop Files for Churches

[note]Updated: 2/19/14 – A few people have commented that most of these links in this list are outdated. Either the files are no longer available or they are no longer free. I have added a follow up: 21 Additional Free Church Loops. Also be sure to check out the latest free files at 100+ Free Video Loops For Churches.[/note]
Video can provide a wonderful dimension to a worship service, it can serve as a great tool for intro for sermon series, and can provide great depth to your church website. Today, I share with you 21 free video loop files for churches. Please enjoy these and if you have a free video loop the you have come across, please share in the comments.

1.   Christian Loop 4

2.    Christian Loop 2 –  A red background with an animated cross. Use the colorize-effects of your video editing software to create different looks.

3.    Christian Loop 3 –  Holy Bible Loop (16:9 Widescreen)

4.    Christian Loop 3 –  Holy Bible Loop (4:3)

5.    Christian Loop 4 –

6.    Christian Loop 1 – A slightly moving cross on the left side and some space for your text on the right.

7.    Three Crosses – Worship Films (no longer free)

8.    Cross Reflection – Worship Films (no longer free)

9.    Women’s Ministry Church Video Loop – Emily van Wyk – A Women’s Ministry church video loop featuring pink animated tulips, a swinging wood name board and vintage retro background. The words “Women’s Ministry” is written on top of the name board. (no longer free)

10.    Hand Of Worship Video Background – Tim Cross – With arms outstretched and hands lifted to heaven, this worship video background shows the joy in worshiping Christ through song. The sun rays in the rich purple background give depth to the worship image as it moves and also brings to mind our risen savior, Jesus Christ. (no longer free)

11.    Golgotha Cross Worship Video – Tim Cross – A Good Friday inspired worship video background featuring a silhouette of a cross on a hill, with sun rays bursting from behind. Soft moving clouds fills the backdrop. (no longer free)

12.    Wooden Cross Worship Video – Tim Cross – A worship video background featuring a glowing wooden cross with animated light streaks in the backdrop. (no longer free)

13.    Glowing Cross Worship Video Background – Tim Cross – The cross of Christ shining with rays of light emanating from it is the focus of this video worship background. Done in a rich green with a rustic cross, this motion video screen brings the focus where it should be, on the sacrificial work of Jesus that cleanses us from all sin. (no longer free)

14.    Communion Cross Worship Video – Tim Cross – A worship video background featuring a wooden cross with a blue animated backdrop. (no longer free)

15.    Survey The Wondrous Cross Worship Video Background – Tim Cross – A summer breeze blowing and the cross of Christ is the focal point for this moving worship video background. Perfect for many hymns and worship songs that speak to the price that Jesus paid for us on the cross. The movement of the light in the background and the warm earth tones set the stage for a beautiful time of remembering God’s gift of his Son showing his love for the world. (no longer free)

16.    Water Baptism Video – Tim Cross – A Christian baptism video representing the baptism talked about by Paul in his Epistles. Baptism represents the immersion of the believer in the the community of believers and is a public statement of faith in Jesus Christ. (no longer free)

17.    Easter Worship Video Background – Tim Cross –  Animated worship video loop featuring a brown wooden cross standing in a rain storm. (no longer free)

18.    Repentance Worship Video Loop – Tim Cross – A worship video background loop featuring a worshiper in front of a cross with light bursting from behind. (no longer free)

19.    Outpouring of the Holy Spirit – Tim Cross – A Pentecost Christian video loop featuring a dove flying amongst the clouds with bright light bursting from behind. The words “Pentecost – Outpouring of the Holy Spirit” is written on top. (no longer free)

20.    Ascension of Christ Video Loop – Tim Cross – A church video loop with billowing clouds and light rights bursting from behind. The words “Home” and “Where I am there you may also be” are written on top. Great for use during an ascension sermon or any topic involving eternity, heaven or salvation. (no longer free)

21.    Prayer Christian Video Loop – Tim Cross – An Animated Prayer church video loop featuring folding hands placed on a wooden surface. Great for use with a bible study, prayer service or during a promotional for the national day of prayer. (no longer free)

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Hi, I’ve creating a website that you can download free video loops/backgrounds from – – the idea is that it’s a place for people to share videos that they have created with other churches (for free). There is also a resources page with links to other places to get free and pay for media – I’ll add some of these sites to it.

The first several free loops listed show page cannot be found. All the others from are NOT free. When you try to download them, you have to enter a credit card, and the cost is $99 a yr annual subscription rate.

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