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21 Facebook Apps For Your Church

Yesterday we shared with you 45 Twitter App For Your Church, today we are going to share with you 21 Facebook Apps for Your Church! Facebook has overtaken MySpace as the major Social Network, with the majority of users over 18 years old. Just like MySpace, Facebook is a great way to connect to members of your community, help get your church name out there, and give your members another easy way to connect to each other. We hope that you find these apps of value and that they will help your ministry!

The official mobile app from Facebook. Allows you to upload photos, send and receive messages, notes, pokes, and Wall posts using text messages all from your mobile phone.
Ministry Uses: Update your church’s profile with out having to login to Facebook. Could be a huge time saver if you really don’t have a lot of time to always be logged into Facebook.

ChipIn is a great way to run a fundraiser through Facebook! Your friends can pay through PayPal. Provides nice goal tracking statistics!
Minsitry Uses: Give people the option in your church to tithe, donate to the building funds, or pay for that youth retreat all on Facebook!

Files provides users 1GB of free storage space for their files. This app adds a box to your profile that shows all your files hosted by Box, that you can share with all your friends.
Ministry Uses: Upload sermon audio and video for users to download.

Another file sharing application! This one boasts a few more features than Files, including unlimited online storage! Store your MP3s, videos, and photos online and let your friends download them.
Ministry Uses: Great application for sharing sermon audio and video with your friends.

Record from your cell phone, your webcam, or upload video files directly! You can also tag friends in this app like you do with photos!
Ministry Uses: Since this app allows you to tag others it’s a great way to share video of church events!

This app by Project Agape allows for you to find or start causes that friends can find and support.
Ministry Uses: Ton of potential here. Start causes for your local community or school!

Facebook for Blackberry
Are you a Blackberry user? Want to update everything through your phone? Your in luck! Blackberrry has an official Facebook app!
Ministry Uses: Update everything from your phone! Don’t have to login to facebook every time you need to make an update or approve a friend request.

Facebook for Palm
If you are still using a Palm phone, this app is for you! Keep your Facebook up-to-date with this app.
Ministry Use: Same as above.

Facebook for iPhone
Of course there is an app for your iPhone!
Ministry Uses: Update everything from your phone! Don’t have to login to facebook everytime you need to make an update or approve a friend request.

Facebook for Firefox
Great tool for your Firefox brower. Lets you see pokes, friend requests, messages, event invitations, and group invitations.
Ministry Use: Keep up-to-date with out having to login to Facebook.

Lets users share interesting content they find online. It will send a notification to your friends every time you offer to share something interesting.
Ministry Use: Great way for pastors to share interesting blogs they find, resources, or reading that they want their church to check out.

This application runs just like Google Docs. Upload documents and share with friends.
Ministry Uses: Share documents with your church, sermon notes, newsletters, or weekly bulletins.

Visual Book Shelf
Users can build a virtual bookshelf on their Facebook profile showing books they have read or want to read. Users’ can browse friends’ collections. Also will allow you to share outside of Facebook via SocialReading.
Ministry Use: Great tool for pastors to share their reading library with the church. Also will give church members a chance to share book recommendations with others!

weRead (Books iRead)
Another bookshelf app! This app lets you share what you are reading!
Ministry Uses: Same as above.

Weekly Schedule
Posts a graphical display of weekly activities.
Ministry Uses: Good for visually showing church events.

Intergrate your Twitter posts into your Facebook page.
Ministry Uses: Not much other than you can share updates from your Twitter account to your facebook site.

Send SMS Text Messaging
This app will allow people visiting your Facebook page to send a message to your cell phone via SMS.
Ministry Uses: Phone numbers are kept secret, so you can use this to allow people to contact you directly!

Daily Bible Scripture
Daily Scripture and verses displayed on your Facebook profile. We picked this one over Daily Bible Verse because this will let you choose from different translations, not just NIV.
Ministry Uses: Get daily scripture added to your site.

Your personal blogroll on Facebook. Bring your blog to Facebook, and take Facebook to your blog. Network with bloggers and readers, see who reads your blog, show off your favorite blogs, and discover new ones.
Ministry Uses: Integrate your personal blog on to your church Facebook page.

Create polls for your Facebook pages and personal profile pages. Very simple and easy to use.
Ministry Uses: Create a poll for your latest sermon series.

Pro Counter
Pro Counter is a flexible solution for facebook community that provide statistics collection.
Ministry Uses: Get statistics on your Facebook page! See what content is relevant to your church.

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Great info! Our church was set up as a person before they had pages. We have over 1000 people, so we can’t switch now.

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Facebook is a great ministry tool! 🙂

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