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16 More Online Apps For Your Church – File Storage and Email

This is the last of the online application posts for awhile, I think. Today we look at file storage and email marketing apps. Churches should now be keeping files online so that they can be accessed anywhere. I cannot think about how many times I have worked on a sermon out of the office, then had to email it to myself so that I could access it at my work.  Now, we can upload it online and access it from any computer with an internet connection! I also outlined a few email marketing applications that will allow  you to track all the emails you have sent, see who opened it, or clicked on a link. Enjoy!

Database, File Storage & Information Management

Pixily – An online service that lets you aggregate, organize, find and share your documents.
Why is this good for ministry?
Will let you mail in documents and they will scan them so you can find them again. Perfect for keeping backup copies of contracts, receipts, or legal church documents.

ThinkFree Docs – Online document sharing.
Why is this good for ministry?
Share your documents online with your staff.

.docstoc – An online repository of free documents you can download, or upload your own documents to share.
Why is this good for ministry?
Find samples of church documents like church by-laws, or articles of incorporation.

Thinkfree – Online access to files, collaboration space for your team, and the ability to edit documents and post to blogs with a Web-based editor.
Why is this good for ministry?
Good for editing documents on the run.

ProofHQ – Online management and review of designs, artwork and documents.
Why is this good for ministry?
If you have an art or graphic designer you can use this to make note on proofs before you approve them.

Xythos – Online document management and storage.
Why is this good for ministry?
Online storage, share with your staff.

NomaDesk – Online virtual file server with offline continuity.
Why is this good for ministry?
Store your files online, access them from anywhere.

Middlepost Docs – An online document manager that also allows you to sign docs.
Why is this good for ministry?
Keep copies of documents online, also allows you to get online signatures and keep them on file.

AirSet – Online document management and sharing.
Why is this good for ministry?
Keep your documents and share them with your staff.


MailChimp – Email marketing app that includes subscriber management, advanced coding capability, tracking and reports, and more.
Why is this good for ministry?
I use this and love it! Send out newsletters, or your weekly thoughts, or event marketing. This will give you stats on how many people open your emails, clicked on the links, or who just ignored you.

Ping82 – Control, manage and track your email using tools made to improve communication between people working together on a project.
Why is this good for ministry?
Project management using email as a tool. Neat idea.

IFM Campaign Manager – A Web-based email list management and marketing tool.
Why is this good for ministry?
Manage your email lists and newsletters with this tool.

Xpenser – Record your expenses with email, SMS, Twitter, IM, and more.
Why is this good for ministry?
Now never a reason to not be able to record a church expense! Great app!

Synergymail – Online email marketing app that includes campaign tracking.
Why is this good for ministry?
Send your newsletters with this.

Mad Mimi – Email marketing utility that allows you to create branded email newsletters and promotions.
Why is this good for ministry?
Send your newsletters with this.

EmailBrain – Email newsletter management app.
Why is this good for ministry?
Send your newsletters with this.

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Thanks for the great tips! I’ll make sure to have a look at some of the tools you write about. I also wanted to say that we use an on-line project management tool that is integrated with email. It’s called Wrike. What I like most of all about it is that we now can keep our data in one shared workspace online, rather than search for it across individual inboxes. You might want to check it too. The site is, as far as I remember.


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