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10 Reasons Not to Upset Your Church Website Designer

We have all been there, upset, angry, and really, downright pissed off. It happens for all sorts of reasons, missed deadlines, unreasonable requests, endless after hours phone calls, pointless meetings, lack of caffeine and about 10,000 more reasons. Here are 10 reasons you should try not to upset your web designer or the person in charge of your church website. (These are for fun, not like any of us would really do these. Right?)

  1. We run your email server. Unless you want all your emails to bounce back, or get marked as spam, please don’t upset us.
  2. We can change the church address to the church down the street.
  3. Have 4 services? No? You do now.
  4. Your children’s ministry website now points to
  5. How do you feel about the colors pink and neon green?
  6. Your podcast is now full of old episodes of Loveline.
  7. I Can Haz Cheezburger cat is listed on your staff page.
  8. This guy is now listed as the new youth pastor.
  9. Rock Band Tournament is now a recurring all church event.
  10. Your online sermon notes are replaced with articles from

Have a fun one to add? Let’s hear it!

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